The Negotiation Master Class BRONZE consists of approximately six weeks of course instruction to be completed on a flexible schedule. The program includes short videos, reading materials by award-winning author, practical toolkits, and certificate of completion. The program is available for IACCM Individual and Corporate members.


The purpose of this programme is to understand the theory and practice of high-level professional negotiation with particular emphasis on the context of international business whether it be public, governmental or private. It should be useful to professional decision-makers in a variety of settings. 

The goal will be to hone both practical and analytical skills you can use in any situation from a wage negotiation with a single employee to a negotiation over an international joint venture involving several partners of different types. These analytical skills will provide guidance in structuring and fostering agreements. Particular emphasis is placed on reaching agreements that achieve the largest possible joint gains for all parties.

Program Objectives

After completion of this learning program, you will be able to:

  • Understand and think about the nature of negotiation and to provide analytic tools for guidance

  • Cultivate an instinct for what to do when there are no unambiguously right or wrong answers

  • Develop a broad intellectual base from which to systematically evaluate and facilitate negotiation processes

  • Develop confidence in negotiation as an effective means of resolving conflict in groups and organizations

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points

Upon successful completion of this program, 40 CPD points are earned.

Learning Modules, Module Tests and Message Board Postings and Final Assignment 

Learning Modules

The Negotiation Master Class BRONZE is a six-week program taught at eMBA with 25 modules covering the following topics:

  • SMARTnership Negotiation techniques and strategies

  • The Creation of NegoEconomics™

  • The importance of Tru$tCurrency™

  • Positive Impact – Communication and Personal Impact in negotiations

  • Cross Culture issues in the global marketplace

  • Negotiation styles and behavior

Module Tests

There are six module tests complementing the learning modules. You have 10 minutes to complete each of the tests. The pass-mark is 80%.

Message Board

Each module has a Message Board. Postings on these Message Boards should be specific to the subject of the Module. There is also a General Message Board available for your general postings. Submissions to the General Message Board should be more general in nature ­‐ for example, about an issue or practice or case study that spans the entire program or several modules. You are required to post five messages on any Module or General Message Board to be certified. Messages may include examples of best practices, examples of poor practices you have observed / from which we should learn, barriers or challenges to implementing best practices in your company or with your suppliers / customers. 

Completion of the program

Successful completion of all program requirements will result in an IACCM Certificate of Completion.