IACCM’s Complaint Policy follows: 

Complaints regarding the organization

Complaints regarding the organization fall into the following categories: 

  • Technical issues (e.g. problems with accessing resources or webinars) 
  • Content issues (e.g. Lack of clarity, disagreeing with material) 
  • Governance issues 

Complaints regarding learning programs 

Complaints regarding learning programs fall into 4 major categories:

  • Technical issues (e.g. Problems logging on to the system) 
  • Content issues ((e.g. Lack of clarity, disagreeing with material) 
  • Testing / examination issues (e.g. Challenge to correctness of answers or score awarded: the appeal process is found in the <IACCM Examination Appeals> document) 
  • Instructor or classroom issues (e.g. Knowledge or attitude of instructor, quality of facilities) 

Procedure for handling complaints

A complaint may be received in the following ways:

  • Phone,  
  • E-mail,  
  • Direct to an instructor or through an  
  • Online message board.  

Candidates and members are encouraged to use a widely publicized ticketing system (email) and those who select other means are entered into the ticketing system to ensure proper recording, tracking, monitoring and analysis. Complaints are awarded a priority level based on severity of impact to the member:

  • Critical - issues related to health and safety 
  • Level 1 (severe) relates to inability to access the system or problems encountered while undertaking online examination; real-time complaints regarding an instructor 
  • Level 2 (moderate) relates to problems with system performance or problems related to specific content. 
  • Level 3 is all other complaints. 

Critical issues arise only in a classroom environment and are covered in the IACCM health and safety procedures and instructor guide.  

Response Times

All other complaints are to be acknowledged within 12 hours of receipt. In the case of Level 1 issues, our goal is to resolve 90% of complaints within 4 hours and Level 2 within 36 hours. Our system monitors resolution rates and speed. It also tracks the allocation of responsibility for resolution and seeks confirmation from the complainant that resolution has been to their satisfaction. If a complainant chooses not to confirm satisfactory closure, the ticket is closed after the elapse of 14 days.

Monthly reports are prepared by the IACCM IT department showing volume of complaints, types of complaint, closure rates and speed. These are reviewed by the Chief Operating Officer to identify quality improvement opportunities.


If the complainant is not satisfied, their issue is escalated to a responsible Vice President and IACCM’s independent Adjudicator. The Vice President and independent Adjudicator are responsible for undertaking full review of the situation and have the authority to agree resolution.