CCM Expert Certification Program is based on successful assessment of a candidate’s skills and a completion of a Business Case with up to 2 hours of mentoring provided. All Experts must complete the CCM Advanced Practitioner Curriculum.

Level description

Leads in the most complex cases, often of organizational strategic significance. Frequently directs or champions the professional function in the business.

Program prerequisite

  • Individual or corporate IACCM membership 
  • Completion of the CCM Advanced Practitioner Curriculum
  • Completion/update of the Skills Assessment
  • Evidence of CPD and general evidence of contribution to the profession and Association

Program Overview

Step 1: Candidates who qualified for consideration at the Expert level through the Skills Assessment, will be asked to do an in-person interview with IACCM’s internal experts. The candidates should be ready to discuss internal challenges in their organization and some of the potential routes to tackle those challenges using the specific knowledge and skill-set obtained through the CCM Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Programs. The conversation is entirely confidential and takes approximately 30 minutes. 

Step 2: The candidates will receive feedback on the interview within approximately 10 working days of the day of the interview. 

Step 3: Candidates who qualified for the CCM Expert Program based on the in-person interview will receive a welcome package providing detailed information on the next steps in the program. The welcome package will also include a resource document with material needed for identifying, developing and presenting the Business Case as well as additional material on the more general topic of corporate leadership. Invoice for the Expert Program will be raised, and access to the program set up accordingly. 

Step 4: Candidates are given a choice of either proposing a situation of their own or selecting from several topics provided by IACCM. In either scenario, candidates should make a compelling case for change within the identified organizational structure. Candidates can schedule mentoring sessions as they prepare their Business Case. Please note that Vikki Rogers, Vice President for Learning, Research and Development, approves the Business Case topic prior to its submission to the Expert Panel.

Step 5: Candidates are awarded the CCM Expert certificate after a successful presentation of the Business Case at the Executive Review Board meeting. The pass mark for the Business Case Study is 66% or more of the marks i.e. 60 or more marks out of 90.

Business Case evaluation criteria

Successful candidates will demonstrate the following:

  • An ability to see the bigger picture and present a recommendation to executive management that would have credibility
  • Evidence of a comprehensive stakeholder analysis – ensuring a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the perspectives of all key participants
  • Commercial judgment in the approach taken and a solution proposed
  • Appropriate risk and opportunity assessment
  • Where applicable, a readiness to propose actions outside standard process or policy with brief supporting rationale and indications of appropriate risk analysis
  • Demonstration that the expert candidate understands the broader issue of value versus cost and price
  • Overall, a persuasive, coherent and appropriately presented proposition that shows potential leadership/influencing skills

With the Business Case, candidates have a chance to demonstrate their professionalism in assessing a real-life business dilemma or a situation, where senior management would indeed be expecting expert assessment and handling. Candidates approach and presentation should reflect that level of expertise; however, we do provide guidelines regarding the format and/or length of the responses.