Once you have passed the Module Tests with at least 80% and you have posted the 5 required messages to the message board, you will be invited to take the Certification Exam. It is a Closed Book exam and it must be taken in one sitting with a maximum of 2 hours to complete. 

Please do not start the exam unless you are confident that you have a full 2 hours of uninterrupted Internet connection available to complete the exam. Remember, that the final exam cannot be put on hold. It must be completed in one sitting. 

From the moment you click to begin the exam, you will have to answer approximately 120 multiple choice questions, which cover all phases of your curriculum. Some questions may appear to have more than one right answer, but there is only one correct answer per question. 


If required, you can mark a question to review it later and move on to the next question. As you progress with the exam, the on-screen menu will show you the total amount of questions, how many have been answered, how many are unanswered, or have been marked for review.

Once complete your results will be immediately available to you on screen. Providing the examination is a final requirement for your program your total points for the certification level will be calculated by the system and  your application passed on to the IACCM Certification Team. Please allow at least two weeks to be contacted. 

The current minimum pass required is 70% for the Practitioner Level and 80% for the Advanced Practitioner and Expert Level. The exam could be retaken once, free of charge, during your 12-month license period. Any additional retakes will  incur a fee of $100.


Appeals regarding any examination results should be sent to training@iaccm.com

In the first instance, any queries relating to the Certification level awarded should be dealt with by the Learning and Development team responsible for the certification process. Pre-assessment results can be disputed within 10 days by sending to L&D team. Changes for consideration should be made and resubmitted by Reviewer within 10 days. The Learning and Development team can only answer process issues such as the award levels rules, exam score and guidance on the relevance of the skills and experience ratings in the overall certification process. SLA for this response should not exceed five working days from receipt of the query, to allow time for fact finding and drafting an appropriate and thorough response. 

Any subsequent queries regarding the awarded certification, queries on marks awarded, queries on Business Case assessments must be sent to the Learning and Development team (training@iaccm.com) and marked for the Attention of the Chief Examiner, and an email sent to the individual explaining that their query has been forwarded to the Chief examiner, who will respond within two weeks. 

If the candidate wishes to complain about the process or outcome please see IACCM’s Complaint Process.