CCM Essentials for Non-Professionals and Those Commencing Contract Management as a Career


The IACCM Fundamentals Program is a7 hour online training course, accompanied by a practical, readable supportingtext (7 hours of reading), which provides you with basic insights andunderstanding of contracting principles and the impact they have on both your business and personal life. The course is designed for individuals involved in or supporting contracting who want to improve their commercial management skills; individuals in functions such as project management who need practical training in commercial management; general audiences wanting to gain a basic understanding of commercial management. There are no specific certifications or credentials needed to take the exam. 

All participants must register as a fully paid IACCM member.

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Course Objectives

At the end of this course, students will understand:

• The significance & role of contracts & contracts professionals in the world of business 

• The contract management lifecycle & the elements essential to each of its phases

• How to select from a broad range of knowledge, approaches and tools 

• Key concepts in contracts & associated legal considerations 

• Basic risk assessment techniques

• The principles & process of contract negotiation

• Effective contract delivery and operations post-contract signature 

• How to prepare for & take the IACCM Contract & Commercial Management Fundamentals examination.


Participants will be able to:

• Understand and manage discussions about contracts in a commercial context.

• Manage suppliers and relate to customers to achieve a positive and effective working relationship.

• Contribute to pre-contract signature activities to increase the chances of successful contract delivery & outcome.

• Understand how to manage risk and opportunity in contracts.

• Know enough about contract law to avoid basic errors and involve experts as appropriate.

• Be aware of the steps required to support contract implementation.

• Know how to engage in contract change with positive outcomes for both customer and supplier.

Fundamentals Curriculum

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points

Upon successful completion of this program, 10 CPD points are earned. All those passing the Fundamentals exam will be formally Certified at IACCM Associate level.

Requirements and Examination
Fundamentals of CCM 
Very small understanding and application of contracting principles and techniques. Usually in an ancillary discpine

• Examination – 70% pass score