Setting the standard within the contract and commercial management profession. Imparting the IACCM body of knowledge and the framework within which to deliver optimal outcomes.

CCM Course Objectives

At the end of this course, students will understand:

  • The contract management lifecycle & the elements essential to each of its phases
  • Key skills in constructing and managing contracts to meet business needs
  • Legal considerations:  local, national and international
  • Risk management approaches: identification, assessment, mitigation and amelioration techniques
  • The principles & processes of effective contract negotiation
  • Financial management: budgeting, planning and managing a contract and portfolio
  • Effective post-award delivery, implementation and contract management 


Participants will be able to:

  • At Practitioner Level: 
    • Understand and apply key contract and commercial concepts within the working environment.
    • Manage low impact / risk customers or suppliers at an operational level.
    • Contribute to pre and post-award contracting activities.
    • Understand the fundamentals of contract law to avoid basic errors and involve experts as appropriate.
  • At Advanced Practitioner Level: 
    • Apply advanced contract and commercial concepts within an operational environment. 
    • Manage suppliers and customers to achieve positive and effective working relationships. 
    • Assume responsibility for significant day-to-day operation of complex projects and major accounts. 
    • Perform pre and post award activities that increase the likelihood of successful contract implementation and outcomes.
  • At Expert Level: 
    • Use key contract and commercial concepts to shape and mature the business moving forward. 
    • Manage teams to deliver to a vision that includes an appropriate assessment of the marketplace. 
    • Be responsible for considerable budgets and create the associated commercial framework. 
    • Negotiate and manage significant contract and commercial activities to achieve positive business results.

CCM Curricula

See the attachments for detailed curricula.

CCM Certification Journey

See the attachment for more details. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points

Upon successful completion of this program, 60 CPD points are earned.

Certification is a designation of professional status and standing, it is not just about passing an exam. As such a fundamental principle of certification is the commitment by an individual to maintain their standards of knowledge and expertise, this must be demonstrated in part by continued connection to and engagement with their professional body.

Certification Level   Description  Requirements and Examination 
CCMP - Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner  60-80 hours  Basic understanding and application of contracting principles and techniques. Usually in an operational role with regular supervision.  •  Active IACCM Membership
• Pre-assessment Scores validated at Practitioner Level
• Modules Test – 80% pass score
• 5 Message Board postings
• Certification Examination 120 questions – 70% pass score
CCMAP - Contract and Commercial Management Advanced Practitioner  60-80 hours  Works with a high degree of autonomy on a variety of contracts and commercial initiatives and has established advanced operational techniques and often has significant authorization level.  •  Active IACCM Membership
• Pre-assessment Scores validated at Advanced Practitioner Level
• Modules Test – 80% pass score
• 5 Message Board postings
• Certification Examination 104 questions – 80% pass score
CCME - Contract and Commercial Management Expert  100  hours  Leads on the most complex cases, often of organizational strategic significance. Frequently directs or champions the professional function in the business.  • Active  IACCM Membership and completion of the CCM Advanced Practitioner Curriculum
• Pre-assessment Scores validated at Expert Level
• Have passed CCM Advanced Practitioner program and exam
 Business Case:  candidate must score a minimum 66%  (i.e. score 60 / 90)
• Evidence of CPD and general evidence of contribution to the profession and Association