IACCM is an international association whose members and fellows are thought leaders in contract and commitment management. You should join IACCM if your role or company can benefit from the following attributes:

  • IACCM brings global perspectives: it is the only contracting association that has true worldwide membership
  • IACCM is where buyers and sellers can discuss their issues and challenges in a cooperative forum focused on improving results
  • IACCM focuses on commercial contracting and 'value-chains'
  • IACCM is a non-profit organization that cares about the careers of its members and understands their needs for success
  • IACCM is responsive and knowledgeable
  • IACCM equips its members for the future

  • A globally networked community
  • Thought leadership from experienced professionals and academics
  • State of the art survey and research tools
  • A comprehensive, web-based 'body of knowledge', owned and updated by the membership, for the membership
  • Unique skills assessment and benchmarking tools to support professional development
  • Invaluable management information - we want you to succeed, so we succeed