IACCM members come from a variety of backgrounds and are in many cases current or former members of other associations. They see distinctive values in IACCM which offer them the perspectives and qualities they need for career progression in today’s fast-changing and complex business environment. 

For example, only IACCM provides a worldwide perspective covering both public and private sector contracting and commercial management at an advanced level; we bring together professionals from both sides of industry so that they share a common body of knowledge and consistent tools, methods and language which support increased collaboration; we provide perspectives on good practice from around the world, not just within their home country. Our members tend to be outward looking, focused on successful outcomes, and eager to expand and share their knowledge and experience. In many cases, they are anxious to respond to executive demands for increased commercial competence and they realize they will best achieve this through IACCM.

That is why more than 50% of the Global 500 are represented in our membership, with a total that exceeds 15,000 organizations and is growing fast.